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5 Warm and Inviting Seating Style and Color Combinations

By on Sep 27, 2016 in Design | 0 comments

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There’s nothing as welcoming in a home or commercial setting as a beautifully designed and coordinated seating area. With the right choice of seating, colors and textures that play off a room in warm and lovely way, a room can instantly be a place that invites great conversation and memorable meetings. It’s all about choosing the right pieces in colors that work together well and promote good feelings. Here are a few choices in commercial restaurant furniture that are sure to draw in visitors and encourage them to stay and enjoy themselves.


  1. A relaxed lounge setting with a tapered style ottoman is a sure invitation to people entering a room. A sleekly styled lounge chair with a tapered ottoman in matching fabric gives the atmosphere a real feel of ease and sophistication that invites people into the setting. Choose two matching lounge chairs to gather around a small coffee table for a look that can’t be beat.


  1. Bright colors sprinkled in with natural neutral tones are always a winner and very appealing to the eye. There’s no doubt that neutral tones in various shades of beige, brown and off-white are a real go-to look for many settings. Adding in pops of color, like a bright orangey red (in cushions and accent pillows) can really elevate a neutral room.


  1. Go with pastels for a bright, welcoming feeling. Of course, neutrals still work well in just about any setting, but there’s clearly an argument for restaurant furniture in light pastels to set a light mood that’s fun and sophisticated. Pale pink lounge chairs can be a lovely choice that work well with a contrasting color like pale green or baby blue.


  1. Black, white and light blue. Black and white is often used in restaurant bar stools, and these chairs can look great with neutrals or with a fashionable black and white design motif. Try pairing black and white seating with baby blue accents for a look that’s incredibly inviting.


  1. Deep dark blue and rich moody brown are another color combination that’s a bit unusual, but when done right it can really set a wonderful mood in a restaurant or a home. Dark wood looks great with dark blue walls, and other tones can be used like rich red in the chairs and accent pieces for a great overall look.


There are wonderful restaurant furniture suppliers today, like Seating Expert, that offer incredible new styles to choose from. Add in fresh color this season to create a look that’s very comfortable and very welcoming.

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