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Restaurant Furniture

Having the proper restaurant furniture is essential to creating a relaxing atmosphere for customers to dine in. That is why the pieces that are purchased have to be chosen very carefully to ensure that they are comfortable, sturdy, and easily cleaned, while still looking fantastic. Most restaurants choose to keep things simple by sticking to just the basic types of furniture, such as booths, tables, and chairs. This article will discuss some helpful ordering hints for each of them.


Parents who are dining are especially fond of sitting in booths because it makes it easier to keep track of their children who often have trouble sitting still for the time it takes everyone to finish their meal. Restaurants who want to attract families to their establishment should be sure that they have plenty of restaurant booths. The booths can sit back-to-back in rows along the windows, or lined up down the middle of the restaurant with aisles in between them. That way, everyone can have a chance to sit in a booth. Pick out vinyl fabrics for the seats because they are easier to wash off if the kids happen to spill any food or drinks on them. The wooden trim can also be easily cleaned.


The size of the restaurant tables that are chosen should be tailored to the average size of the groups of people that are expected. For example, a nightclub would probably have parties of two to four people, so small tables would work best. The shape of the tables should also be considered. Circular tables are usually the most popular because they make everyone who sits at them feel like equals. However, in case there are some larger parties, some of the tables should be square. That way, they can be pushed together to create a larger table, so everyone can sit together.


It is very important for a restaurant to have enough chairs because if there is not enough seating available, customers will have to be turned away, thus potential business is lost. To save money, some restaurants make the mistake of buying cheap chairs just to fill the space. This is problematic because chairs get a lot of use and abuse each day. They are knocked over, tipped backwards, and flopped on. All of these actions will quickly break the cheap chairs. It is better to buy restaurant chairs that are made to last, such as those sold by Seating Expert. Buy a minimum of four chairs per table; that way, there will be some extras available to move around.

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