Hotel Furniture


Hotel Furniture

We carry many styles of commercial wholesale hotel furniture including everything from modern and contemporary to traditional. We can make your hotel lobby or any nook be the most restful or exciting place your clientele has been. Our upholstered chairs, sofas, love seats, bench seats and ottomans are impressive. The wide selection of fabrics, leather and vinyl ensure that you will have the exact look you want to achieve. You can mix and match chairs and sofas or various table tops and table bases. To complete the décor and atmosphere we have many accessories and pillows that make things feel chic and comfortable.

Our pieces are manufacturer direct so everything is on sale all the time. You are getting all you hotel furniture wholesale. For your hotel we have furniture that is perfect for your lobby and hotel rooms.

If you have a restaurant or eating area in your hotel you will certainly want to check out the large selection of tables, dining tables, bar stools and lounge furniture. We have everything form exquisite and elegant to casual and comfortable. You know your clientele so you can easily pick out what would appeal to them. All our décor is stylish and part of the latest trends. Our friendly staff will work closely with you to make sure we match or coordinate all the colors so you have the perfect look and feel your designers and consultants want. They will love working with us because of our wholesale prices that allow them to purchase more furniture with the same budget.

We have lovely furniture for your hotel lobby that is very attractive but not too comfortable so that people sink into the furniture and do not want to get up. We are a commercial manufacturer specializing in new hotel furniture that includes restaurant furniture. We have everything your hotel could need from top to bottom so you will have a gorgeous coordinated look throughout your hotel.

One of the things we are great at is cluster seating. This is very important in hotel lobbies and through out your public spaces. You want to create charming little areas where people can sit and chat or places that look beautiful and cozy as you want by. All this enhances the total look and feel of your establishment and makes it a place people enjoy staying and that they refer to many people. Take a look at the many choices for types of furniture, style and colors and you will see why this is a powerful place to come to select your hotel furnishings.